School Toilet Cubicles: How To Find The Best Ones Out There

13 Jun

Building new school toilet cubicles or upgrading existing ones can consume a lot of time and money. Having said that, it is crucial to make sure that you are getting the most excellent options. This would not just let you avoid wasting loads of cash and precious time. However, this can even help you to create risk-free and pleasant bathrooms for the students.

When purchasing the ideal toilet cubicle for your school, it’s a must to learn which factors to look at. These may differ based on the age bracket of the students who'll be utilising it or your preferred supplier. To have a better idea which toilet cubicles you should get, listed below are some important factors you have to look at.

1. Safety

As with other school facilities, bathrooms should be guaranteed risk-free to minimise student injuries. That is the reason why you have to know the materials used in crafting the cubicles. Are they moisture and chemical resistant? Are they eco-friendly and would not injure the students? Besides this, always keep in mind to examine the securing or door hinge safe system that the school toilet cubicles have. Find out if there are emergency release locks, and anti-finger trap hinges in them.

2. Sturdiness

It is not a secret that plenty of students run away to the bathroom regularly. That’s why water fights in bathrooms should be expected and could happen at any time. Moreover, cubicle doors would be slammed close all the time. With these in mind, it is recommended to go for toilet cubicles that are impact or moisture resistant.

It will be far better to directly ask the providers to help you know if the cubicles are manufactured using high standard and strong materials. By doing so, you can discover if the cubicles can actually withstand continuous usage as well as wear and tear.

3. Privacy

Usually, washrooms could be a haven for bullying and bad conduct. That's the reason why it is necessary to build an exclusive or secured area for the students who will always use it. So make sure to look at the grade level or age of the students when searching for the proper cubicle door height. Are you picking a low-level or ceiling height cubicles? Whatever your choice may be, remember to think which will prevent misbehaviour and offer full confidence and privacy to the users.

4. Aesthetic

Needless to say, it’s also important that the toilet cubicles you’ll be acquiring are pleasant to the eye or can result in a positive bathroom experience. If you build a washroom for young students, it is suggested to choose light shades or vibrant and striking colours. This can make the washroom less intimidating for those students. On the flip side, dark-coloured cubicles are better for junior to senior students because this produces a more formal space for them.

These are a couple of points to consider when getting school toilet cubicles. By taking note of the things mentioned in this post, you can definitely create suitable and comfortable bathrooms for your school.

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